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Comfort Food Update

Six months ago, the PHC joined forces with the Gabriola Auxiliary and a new program was created called Comfort Food Deliveries

Every Tuesday afternoon a group of foodie volunteers gather at the Commons to create a meal inspired by their concept of ‘comfort’ and the gleanings from the Food Recovery Program. This two-course meal is then picked up and delivered around the island to people who could really use a ‘food hug’. 

In six months, the group, fondly known as the ‘Grub Huggers’ have delivered in excess of 600 meals to people who are going through a personal crisis, who have had an accident and need some help, or are simply elderly and on their own and making a nutritious meal is an effort. 

Now that is great news! The program is so popular, starting April 4th, the Grub Huggers are now in a position to be able to offer an additional  meal on Thursdays. The Meals on Wheels Program delivers on the island on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday, and now both Tuesdays and Thursdays will be covered as well. At present, there are spaces on our new Thursday delivery for more clients to enjoy a meal cooked with love. Thank you to all cooks, drivers and participants and to the Gabriola Auxiliary for their financial support.

For more details about this program, or any of the programs offered by the PHC, please contact or 250 247 7311.   

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