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Parent Peer Support Network Autism

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Parents of children with autism face many additional stressors as they raise their families. They often report higher levels of depression, anxiety, social isolation and mental health–related issues. The combination of stressors and family adjustment difficulties can cause distress which may develop into a crisis.
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Over the next few months, a grant from the Red Cross Strengthening Community Capacity to Support Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund will foster the development of a supportive network amongst parents and families with children with autism under the age of 18 on Gabriola, Mudge and Decourcy Islands.

About Us


What we are planning


Monthly parent and extended family members support meetings (in person and/or virtual)


Monthly family-based activities (i.e beach day, visit to the Paradise Alpaca Farm, library, pet parade etc)


Establishment of a moderated, private Facebook Group.


Needs Assessment survey to determine how many parents are involved in the catchment area, their various needs, issues and concerns


Development & distribution of a parent-sourced resource list (ie. books available through VIRL Gabriola Branch, websites, podcasts, videos and allied service providers such as OT, BI and SEA).


Creation of a newsletter for monthly distribution via email.

Abstract Background

Connect with others Parents & Peer Support

We’ve heard that there is a desire for parents to connect with others and develop a peer support network.

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