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Older Adult Program

We provide a number of programs for older adults looking to socialize, continue to learn from the New Age of Aging or who require some Support proprams to naviagete the next steps of their lifes.

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Social Connection Programs

Seniors Luncheon

The monthly luncheon happens on the last Thursday of each month from 10:30 to 12:30 at the Rollo Centre. Enjoy a delicious luncheon & connect with friends in the community. Also features local entertainment, guest speakers and seasonally themed events.

Who is this for?

For older adults seeking more social involvement with their peers and connection with the community. The lunch is open to all seniors in the community

Why should they join?
  • Social benefits: less isolation, meet new people and engage with peers in the community

  • Opportunity to enjoy a nutritious light lunch and to enjoy local entertainment

What are the benefits?
  • Social and community connection

  • Cognitive stimulation

  • Information on community events

  • A nutritious meal

Pre-registration is Required

Seniors Luncheon
Social Connection
Social Perscribing
Choose to Move

Social Prescribing

Feeling isolated, lonely or bored? If you are 55+, we can help link you to resources and activities to promote social connection, self-confidence and fun! Self-referrals are welcome.
or call 250-325-9010

Choose to Move

Free 8-week program for individuals 65+. Based on research, it provides older adults with the motivation and support to become more active. Choose to Move can help participants integrate activity into their daily routine in a flexible way, meet new friends and make a positive change in their lives. Participants receive both individual and group support to develop and stick to a personal activity plan that includes activities they enjoy and are able to do.



Free 3-month group-led physical activity program for inactive older adults. It introduces participants to physical activity and reinforces their commitment to incorporate it into their daily lives.  


The program is progressive with planned physical activities (stretching, activity, and cool-down) based on ActivAge™ training. This fun and social program focuses on improving activities associated with daily living, strengthening muscles used day-to-day (ie: bending, lifting, stretching, etc). Each class features in-class discussions and resources to improve overall health and physical well-being. 

Registration will be available on the Gabriola Recreation Society website at or contact
250-247-2014 for more information.

Adult Day Program (SUSO)

Adult Day Program

(Stepping Up Stepping Out )

Mondays and Saturdays, 11:30 am - 2:30 pm

This adult day program balances the cognitive, physical, emotional and spiritual needs of individuals, while participants benefit from having fun in a social setting. SUSO improves health and builds participants' confidence in their ability to perform daily activities. The program provides a tasty, nutritious lunch, exercises and activities including arts and crafts, music, storytelling and memory stimulation. 

Transportation to the program is provided, if desired.

Who is this for?

Age range is 60 to 91, average age is 82. This program is also, for caregivers needing respite care for their loved ones. 

  • Must be able to walk or move independently (or be accompanied by a helper)

  • Must be able to self-administer any medication.

  • Required to go through an Island Health Assessment Interview

Why should they join?
  • Feeling isolated and wanting more interaction with peers, provides opportunities to connect, create friendships and have fun in a group

  • Participation in program activities can contribute to positive health outcomes 

  • Program is supported by a team of caring staff & volunteers

What are the benefits?
  • Socially, cognitively stimulating activities and community connection

  • Nutritious, delicious lunch prepared and served at event

  • Age appropriate exercise

Assessment Interview & Vaccination is Required​


Educational Programs

New Age of Aging Educational Series

The New Age of Aging is an educational series that offers presentations on a variety of topics related to the aging experience and other areas of high interest. Meant to be timely, engaging and informative.

Who is this for?

Adults 55+, although there are no age restrictions for these events (family and friends of all ages are welcome)

Why should they join?
  • Social and intellectual stimulation

  • Increase knowledge and awareness of current research on aging, and information on how to age optimally

What are the benefits?
  • Social and community connection

  • Cognitive stimulation

  • Opportunities for discussion and information sharing

Pre-registration & Vaccination is Required

New Age of Aging
Education Program
Senior Navigator

Seniors Navigator

Need help figuring out where to go for support? Wanting to feel more engaged in your community? Our Seniors Navigator can help link you to transportation and food services, and social opportunities. 

or 1-250-325-9010

Early evaluation results show that Choose to Move helps older adults to increase physical activity and mobility and increase social connectedness is healthy for the entire being.

- Active Aging Research Team at UBC

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