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Non-Emergency Medical Transport Service

MediGo Riders! 

This is a service offered to Gabriola residents young, old, and everyone in between. Are you in need of a ride to an Island Health appointment? We are here to help!

Book a Ride with MediGo

Please follow the steps below in order to have a successful ride.


Register Online

This is an important first step so we know how to contact you.


Book a Ride

Book the date you need a ride and where your pick up will be.



We will contact you as soon as we can by your preferred communication method.



Ride to and from your appointment worry free.

Island Health

Island Health currently provides funding to many contract transportation providers, creating support for people located in rural and remote regions of Vancouver Island. As part of this transportation network, People for a Healthy Community will be providing door-to-door patient transportation services for Island residents. Transportation is available to help those with barriers in accessing trips to and from Island Health appointments, facilities, or locations.


If you or someone in your care requires travel assistance for a local or an out-of-community appointment, please connect with your Island Health care provider, or please get in touch with our Help Desk staff to assist with travel options and connect you with the appropriate transportation support.

Please call 1-844-940-6617 or email

Partnership with

Drivers to Doctors

We would like to start by acknowledging Drivers to Doctors (operated by Gabriola Auxiliary) and their volunteer drivers for a well established and caring service that will continue as per usual alongside MediGo. We are fortunate enough to be able to pool our resources and provide additional support to our community. Thank you to all Drivers to Doctors drivers and the Gabriola Auxillary for their support and continued service!

Blue Sky

Questions & Answers

Q: If I currently get rides with Drivers to Doctors, do I need to change anything?

A: D2D will continue to run as per usual. We are fortunate to be able to pool our resources and provide additional support to our community.

Q: When will this service begin?

A: PHC hopes to launch sometime in March 2024, as we are completing some necessary adaptations to the van.

Q: What days will you be running?

A: The van will go to Nanaimo on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Q: What times will the van leave and return?

A; The bus will leave to accommodate the earliest appointment, and return at the end of the latest appointment that day.

Q: How much does this service cost?

A: This service is FREE, but you must have a TAP slip (pink slip) from your doctor’s office in order to ride the MediGo van.

Q: Extra assistance or escort, can someone stay with me for my appointment?

A: You are welcome to be accompanied by your own escort (if your TAP slip requires it). If your TAP slip doesn’t require it they will not be able to ride the MediGo van. Please make sure to indicate you will have an escort when booking your MediGo ride.

If you need additional boarding assistance or cannot find someone to accompany you, and you need an escort please contact Driver to Doctors 250-268-9433 for individual drives with an escort.

Q: Can someone help me on & off

A: The MediGo van is NOT equipped with a wheelchair lift. So you will need to navigate on & off yourself.

Drivers to Doctors can offer wheelchair service but the rider MUST be able to transfer in & out of the car by themselves. Please contact 250-268-9433 to book an appointment.

Q: Do I need a cell phone?

A: A cell phone is preferable in case of any changes that happens while in Nanaimo.

Q: Who can use this service?

A: This is offered to anyone needing a ride to an VIHA appointment.

If you have further questions, please contact our Program Coordinator at

Blue Sky
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