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Mercury Club for Hearing Health

PHC is excited to share our new program open to anyone who is noticing some changes in their hearing or struggling to hear in larger group settings. We are creating a quiet space for you to gather. It will be a peer led group to have discussions on topics chosen by the members (not necessarily about hearing). Educational updates about hearing health will be provided. We will meet every two weeks at the Rollo Centre, at 1:30 for an hour. Our first meeting is May 15th. No sign up necessary, hope you will join us and tell a friend or two.

"We sometimes forget how important our hearing is, we use hearing every minute of every day, even when sleeping." It's how we connect with others and keep ourselves safe, our hearing gives us much pleasure, listening to our friends and family speak, hearing the birds and wildlife, music and life all around us.

It's part of our hearing health and wellbeing to get our hearing checked, especially if we are noticing changes in our ability to hear others. Most people will experience hearing loss as we get older. Every person will have a different experience depending on lifestyle, genetics and exposure to loud noises.

"New studies show that untreated hearing loss may be one of the biggest risk factors for dementia. Treating hearing loss correctly with prescribed hearing aids may improve relationships, quality of life and personal safety. It can help with fatigue, risk of depression, falls and social isolation."

It is important to respond early to hearing loss to protect and maintain the brain's ability to hear conversations clearly and get the most enjoyment out of life by hearing others with greater ease.

From time to time the Mercury Club (to honour the Roman messenger god) meetings will have a broader information reach about hearing including visits from professionals sharing options and tips about hearing health.


Please join us in conversation and share with a friend, see you May 15th at 1:30pm. at the Rollo Centre.  If you are interested but can not attend, you can join our email list by contacting 

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