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Fresh Organic Vegetables

Food Security Programs

Our food programs strengthen food security on Gabriola. We aim to provide food to those who need it while fostering social connections, sustainability and good health in our community. We offer a variety of resources, programs and workshops with our partners and team of dedicated volunteers.

Grocery Program

* Some deliveries can be arranged for Wednesday if you have barriers to picking up. If you require a grocery delivery please phone 250-247-7322 or email before noon on Wednesday.

Grocery Program


The Grocery Program distributes foods to individuals and families in need. This could mean you or a loved one is finding it financially challenging to afford food.


Participants must register for the Grocery Program by contacting 250-247-7322 or or by dropping in during grocery hours. The registration is quick and confidential, and no one is turned away.


Grocery pick-up is available at People for a Healthy Community (PHC) on:

Tuesdays - 10am - 2pm

Wednesdays - 11am - 4pm

Food Recovery

Food Recovery Program

In partnership with Nesters Food Market, this program addresses both food insecurity and food waste. People For a Healthy Community (PHC) collects food products that Nesters Food Market can no longer sell. With the help from our volunteers to sort, package and distribute, this food is, sorted into three categories for redistribution in:

Nesters Logo.jpg
For The People

This food is still fit for people and will make its way back into our programs:

Grocery Program (FoodBank)

Leftover human suitable food  is turned into nutritional meals and soups that will help support our:

For The Animals

Once the food is on the “shall we say” not so pretty side it is offered to a number of our local farmers' to be fed to their animals as another contribution to our local food systems.

If you would like to be on our animal food farmers call list please contact

For The Gardens

Yes that’s right! If we can’t eat it, it is composted in People For a Healthy Community’s gardens and used to nourish and fertilize the produce that we grow once again to support our programs:

Supporting Food Security In Our Community


Growing & Harvesting Food


Food Recovery


Food Skills


Feeding Our Community


Did You Know?

On average 40,000lbs of food is recovered in a year
40% Human Food
48% Animal Food
12% Compost Material
Building Food Skills
Farmer' Market Coupons

We provide opportunities, such as Community Kitchen Workshops, to build food skills for cooking and eating healthier. These workshops strengthen social connections and overall community wellness.

Some of our building food skill program are:

Kids Cooking Classes

Ladies Lunch Club
Men's Dinner Club


Building Food Skills

In partnership with the Gabriola Agricultural Association Co-Op, this program supports both low-income community members and farmers. Low income seniors and families with children under 18 are given free coupons that they can redeem on select items from farmers at the local market.


Farmer's Market Coupon

Good Food Box 

Partner program with Nanaimo Foodshare

How it work

1. Order your Good Food Box by Thursday at midnight for the following Thursday pickup at PHC (the Commons building main floor - 675 North Road). *Please select pick-up on Gabriola. 2. Select to register for weekly, bi-weekly, or one-time pick up. If anyone has trouble with the online ordering or prefers to pay cash, they can contact PHC and we'll place our own order of boxes in exchange for cash.  3. Make a payment of $10 to $15 for each box. (Every Good Food Box is filled with 6-9 types of fresh produce and is valued between $20-$25 dollars.) 4. Pick up your boxes the following Thursday in-between 12pm-3pm

Order one today at or call to order at 250-713-7311

Soup Socials

Soup Social

Soup Socials provide free or by-donation nutritional meals. This is an event within the community to share a meal which fosters social connection and strengthens relationships among our community in a casual setting. Why not come out to this event and see what interesting conversation you can engage in with your fellow dining neighbor. We hope to see you there!

Tuesday from 11am-1pm at 675 North Road

SUMMER months - at the Commons - Main Floor

Tuesday from 11am-1pm at 775 Church Street

WINTER months - at the Fellowship Church

Friday from 10:30am-12:30pm at 2600 South Road

YEAR-ROUND - at the Christ Church Gabriola

These event is open to everyone in our community as a drop in event