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Newsletter November 2023

Phew… what a summer it has been at PHC!

Our food bank has served more Gabriolans than ever, our seniors’ programmes have been fuller than ever, and several new initiatives have helped us respond to Gabriolans’ growing needs. We have acquired two new vehicles, one of which will make it easier for seniors and others to access our programmes without reliance on Gertie. The other is a refrigerated vehicle that will allow us to transport fresh food without danger of spoilage. The van is part of the federal government’s efforts to support food security. A very welcome addition to our food programmes (already nicknamed “Phill”).


After the unusually long drought season we all welcome the rain and lower temperatures – but these things also make living harder for the Gabriolans who are homeless and who depend on PHC for their day-to-day needs. According to the 2020 Gabriolas Health Report, 1 in 65 Gabriolans are without shelter (compared with 1 in 653 in the province as a whole). For PHC this translates into a 30% rise in visits for groceries. We should all be proud of PHC’s presence in our midst – and (of course) donating to it if you can afford it!


November 1st was the date of our Annual General Meeting

We welcomed our members to see how we have done in the past year and listen to our guest speaker – Dr Suzanne Tough. She spoke of how important community connections are as an aid to personal well-being. We also confirmed our board members for 2023/4, including two newcomers: Bev Park and Judy Moshinski. Bev Park will be taking over as Treasurer for the coming year.

We have had a generous donor come forward who is willing to match any donations we receive until we reach $20,000. If you are thinking of making a donation to People for a Healthy Community, now is a great time. Your donation will be doubled!! We appreciate any donations, large or small. Thank you!

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