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Congratulation on the 2SBC Central Island Pollinator Award

We are thrilled to announce that Gabriola Elementary has been recognized with the F2SBC Central Island Pollinator Award.

What makes Gabriola Elementary especially inspiring is that their food literacy programming connects so many parts of the food system. Students are in the kitchen – cooking, serving and eating a weekly hot lunch program; they are in the garden – seeding, stewarding and harvesting; and they are in the community – helping farmers, learning from elders and growing gratitude sunflowers for volunteers. On top of this, the whole school celebrates annual events like Apple Day and Leek Day! Gabriola Elementary students joyfully welcome this hands-on, 4-season, seed-to-plate, community-based food literacy journey!

If you would like to become a volunteer with one of our garden programs or any other program. Please go to and apply to become a volunteer with People for a Healthy Community.

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