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An open letter to Gabriolans from People for a Healthy Community

Many Islanders may not yet know People for a Healthy Community (PHC), and we want to change that, because we want you to join us. April is volunteer month, when we thank our many dedicated volunteers and welcome more. We couldn't do it without you!

A few things about us: first, we are not the same as Gabriola Commons, though the Commons on North Road is where we are located. That is where you will find us when you need us -- PHC touches one in seven Gabriolans.

So, who are we and what do we do? For over 25 years we have been known for initiatives such as:

● Food programs, ranging from elementary nutrition, school lunches, family grocery support, to seniors lunches

● Seniors’ programs ranging from adult activity days to aging-in-place support

● Providing access to services such as advocacy, caregiver support, hospice, physical and

mental health, and transportation

● Helping all Gabriolans enjoy the December holidays in fellowship.

The school children of Gabriola know PHC as the provider of the wonderful hot lunches, yogurt breakfasts, and school snacks. When they cross North Road to join us, the children learn about gardening, composting, and nutrition.

Seniors, their families and their caregivers are grateful for PHC. We facilitate programs on active aging, a popular seniors' monthly lunch, and an activity day program for seniors who want socialization and cognitive boosts.

We also have support for caregivers, hospice visiting, navigating medical and social services and basic transportation. Through the worst of the pandemic, we continued to provide services and organized a "neighbours helping neighbours" program to ensure that everyone had someone in their corner. Our island is small but we have a big heart.

If you have a big heart and some extra time, we are asking for help. Right now, we are recruiting people to join our active Board of Directors and the committees it guides. We also need volunteers in the Food Program and the Seniors program. Contact the PHC office at 250-247-7311 to find out how you can help make Gabriola Island an even better place to live.

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