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A Trauma-Informed Community

There is widespread agreement that the Covid 19 pandemic has caused trauma, especially to vulnerable groups such as children and seniors. The pandemic created a collective loss of “normalcy” for Gabriola children and adults. There was uncertainty about the future, the inability to read facial cues (because of masks) and the loss of connections to friends and family.

Such trauma can have lasting effects on a person that carry into how they see and navigate the world. They may easily fly off the handle, lashing out verbally or on social media. Or they may withdraw from once-enjoyed recreational and community events. Understanding the underlying trauma of this behavior can help both the victim and those around them. A new project coming to Gabriola Island is aimed at providing this understanding, with helpful techniques for creating a healthier community and culture.

A “Trauma Informed Communication” workshop is one of several programs being coordinated by People for a Healthy Community. It will be facilitated by Dr. Alison Granger-Brown Ph.D, a trainer with the Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute (CTRI), whose vision is a world where everyone is trauma-informed. She is also the Proprietor at Holding Hope Coaching and Consulting on Gabriola Island. Participants will leave with a better understanding of what trauma is, its physical effects on the body, and how people can rewire themselves for improved well-being. Watch the PHC website and the Sounder for upcoming dates and locations.

As part of this year’s wellness project, PHC is also assisting Gabriola Elementary School recruit Reading Buddies. These are trusted adult volunteers that read in the classrooms 1-2x per week. Reading Buddies are asked to attend the Trauma Informed Communication workshop and complete a criminal record check. The goal is to build more and stronger mental health supports in our school community and beyond.

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