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Non-Emergency Medical Transport Service

Welcome Riders! 

This is a service offered to the residents of Gabriola young and old and those in between. Are you unable to drive or don't have a vehicle and are in need or a safe ride to a medical appointment? Well, we are here to help. We offer transportation to select destinations here on Gabriola and Nanaimo. 

Hello Rider!

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Partnership with

Drivers to Doctors

We will be partnering with Drivers to Doctors, co-ordinated by the Gabriola Auxiliary (the GABE Shop), which provides individual drives to medical appointments both on and off the island and will continue to operate as usual
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Questions & Answers

Q: When will this service begin?

A: PHC hopes to launch sometime in March 2024, as we are completing some necessary adaptations to the van.

Q: What days will you be running?

A: The van will go to Nanaimo on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Q: What times will the van leave and return?

A: The bus will leave Gabriola to accommodate the earliest appointment, and return at the end of the latest appointment.

Q: How much does this service cost?

A: If you are eligible for a pink slip, there is no cost. If not eligible, you are required to pay the passenger fare for yourself (no charge for seniors Monday - Thursday). *Please contact your doctor or specialist to confirm eligibility.

Q: Can I bring an escort to my Nanaimo appointment?

A: Yes, as long as we are informed upon scheduling so we can assure seating.

Q: My spouse/parent/neighbour needs extra assistance/has dementia, can someone stay with
them for my appointment?

A: You are welcome to be accompanied by your own escort, as long as we are informed upon scheduling to secure seating. If you cannot find someone to accompany you, please contact
Driver’s to Doctors (250-268-9433) for individual drives.

Q: I have a wheelchair, can someone help me onto and off of the bus?

A: If you cannot manage steps but can transfer from your wheelchair to a car, please contact Driver’s to Doctors. (250-268-9433). Currently, a fully wheelchair accessible vehicle is not available.

Q: Will I need a cell phone to contact the driver?

A: A cell phone is preferable in case of any changes that happen while in Nanaimo (the rider’s appointment later than expected, driver behind, rider not in pickup location). We ask to have the
clinic/doctor/specialist’s number in case the rider does not have a cell phone or is not able to bring it into their appointment.

If you have further questions, please contact our Program Coordinator at

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