VIHA Health Care Assistant Training

Don’t miss this exciting educational and job opportunity!

– Join 18 other residents
– Attend government funded classes on Gabriola
– Earn a VIU health care assistant certificate
– 6 months of training, most days on Gabriola
– Tuition, books, supplies and other expenses are covered

To find out more, drop in:

Thursday, June 13th 2019
4:00pm – 6:30pm
Gabriola Library
695 North Road
Can’t attend? Please email:
People For a Healthy Community –

Successful graduates will be offered a permanent position on Gabriola through Vancouver Island Health Authority.

F.A.Q about this opportunity:

Q: Do I need a car?

A: Yes a valid drivers licence is required.

Q: I’m over 45 can I still apply?

A: Yes! There is no age discrimination at VIHA, however, the job does require strength, the ability to lift and the ability to be active for a full day.

Q: I have small children. Will daycare be provided?

A: No, daycare will not be provided but on a case by case basis, funds may be available to cover childcare expenses at another location.

Q: Can more than 1 family member apply?

A: Yes

Q: What expenses are covered by the training?

A: All tuition fees, all books, ferry and mileage off Gabriola. books, uniform, shoes,

Q: I want to quit my job to take this training. Will my salary be covered?

A: We are currently trying to make those arrangements either through government grants or through bursaries, scholarships or low to no interest loans with a generous pay back period.

Q: Do I have to work for VIHA at the end of the program.

A: No there is no requirement to work for Island health at the end of the program.

Q: Is there a penalty if I don’t finish the training?

A: No, but all financial supports will terminate upon leaving the program. If a loan had been made, it would have to be paid back immediately.

Q: I have a friend who is moving to Gabriola. Are they eligible?

A: Yes, if they plan to be permanent residents of Gabriola with a fixed address they are eligible.

Q: Are there other requirements?

A: Yes, you must be fluent in English, you must have food safe, first aid and WIMIS. Participants will have the opportunity to take these programs on Gabriola in either August or September.

All participants who want to take the training must attend a pre-job interview with Island Health.

Q: How do I submit my name for consideration?

A: Please send us an email with your name and contact info to

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  1. I am interested in the Health Worker Program. I also want to register for Foodsafe and First Aide programs on Gabriola.

    Natalya Byelyevtsova

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